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Group of at risk Guatemalan women who receive aid from A Song in the Night Guatemala



There are many single parents, due to various reasons trying to survive, who are put into dangerous circumstances, along with the lives of their children as a family unit.

Life is so hard. A short list of things these young parents often face includes violence, poverty, lack of education, lack of respect – for women, especially, along with provision for mothers/wives who have been abandoned.

Song exists to bring hope through Jesus, new life, and restoration to the least of these.

Guatemala at risk boy receives food, shelter and clothing from A Song in the Night



Basic nutritional needs are often hard to meet. Bags of beans, rice, and basic provisions are greatly appreciated and often make the difference in keeping families adequately nourished. 
Many times their “homes” are at least partially built from rotten boards, cardboard, bamboo or cornstalks. Basic safety can also be a challenge in these conditions. 

Clothing needs are on several fronts - keeping growing children clothed; school uniforms; appropriate clothing for mothers as they seek employment​ to provide for their families.


Sometimes a listening ear, prayer and Godly counsel is exactly all that any of us need in the moment. We’ve been working with some of these families for years. Others have only recently come into our lives.

My prayer is that we will be able to see each one as He does and to let Jesus love them through us, however He wants to!

Sometimes that just means praying and trusting them into His care. More often it means much more...

Baby Infant in Guatemala gets medical attention and housing shelter and food for mother from A Song in the Night




If food, shelter, and clothing are hard to get, one can imagine the challenge of getting medical attention. Guatemalan health care is generally a "pay-as-you-go" system, where any form of medical insurance or a safety net is basically unknown.

Even in the "free" government hospitals, one must pay for medical supplies or charges according to the hospital's needs and protocol. Medicines are also expensive. This area of care is critical to a family who is struggling to meet their basic needs. 

Little Guatemalan boy ready for school after having school tuition and fees paid by A Song in the Night


In Guatemala, all students incur mandatory expenses to attend either public or private school, so it is a privilege many do not have. Your support not only enables children to get an education, but also sends mothers back to school, who may have missed even an elementary education due to extreme poverty.

In this way, both generations are lifted up and new opportunities become available as they progress in school.

Also, schools require uniforms specific to the school, or children can't attend, even if their school fees are paid, which is an additional expense.




Many of the women have not had a basic education, and are in process of going to school. Some are in vocational programs. Yet they must work to provide for their families in the midst of the process.

Sometimes a home industry, such as taking in laundry, can provide an income as the family unit rises. The options are many, but often require a small investment for supplies, transportation, or resources to get them on the path to a brighter future. 

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