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At Risk Guatemalan infant baby

A Song in the Night helps women and their families by looking for options for mothers and children - to get and keep them in schools, provide essential medical attention, meet physical needs for food, clothing, shelter, and safety, as well as provide solutions for bridge incomes, along with working toward jobs that will support the family and keep them together.


Of course, the main purpose of Song is to lead them to the feet of Jesus, helping them to recognize and experience His love for them and their families, and to understand their value in Him. This includes counseling, prayer, Bible Studies, and gaining new perspectives on life, leaving the past behind, and moving forward into what God has for them. A Song is completely run by donations.

Donie Hernandez has served children and families in Guatemala since 1983. She continues to serve on the FUNPRONI Board in Guatemala, and founded and continues to serve on the Advisory Board for FOCE.


Donie Hernandez has always had a heart for children. As a young, single woman she served in House of Samuel in Arizona, helping to care for children and serving families on the Navajo and Apache reservations, as well as children from the inner city. She taught school in Deming, New Mexico for 4 years and worked at various other jobs as well.


In 1983, she was sent by her church in Nevada, and the House of Samuel in Arizona to work with a new children’s ministry, Casa Bernabe, that was being raised up in Guatemala due to the civil war that had been raging for many years throughout Central America. The focus was to rescue children who were abandoned, orphaned, displaced, and often times very malnourished or abused; to provide a safe and loving environment for them to be healed and grow, all in the love of Jesus. There was much need, and she very soon started a parallel ministry caring for children and families and providing Christian adoptions for those children who became adoptable.

Donie met Pedro Hernandez soon after arriving in Guatemala, and three years later they were married. Along with her Apache daughter, they had five biological children, adopting five more sons and daughters over the years. Pedro served

as a Verbo pastor in Chimaltenango for 6 years, while at the same time working with the children’s ministry. In 1994 they were given full responsibility for Casa Bernabe and joined together the two children’s ministries, where they began to put their full focus, serving as directors of that ministry from 1994 to 2007.

During that time God sent hundreds and hundreds of children and workers and the ministry grew to provide 9 group homes with a family setting, housing 12-20 children each at any given time, a school providing education for grades from pre-kinder to 9th grade, including a special education program, as well as a clinic providing medical, dental, and psychological care for Casa Bernabe and, at times, the general public.

Pedro went Home to be with the Lord in August of 2011.  Donie has continued to serve on the boards of directors for FUNPRONI-Casa Bernabe, as well as FOCE-Friends of Children Everywhere, which she helped to found in 2005.  


At the end of 2013, she began again taking in women in crisis, along with their children, into her home, while continuing to work with about 10-13 other families struggling to stay alive and together, and A Song in the Night was born.

Donie Hernandez Founder of A Song in the Night Guatemala who works with at risk women and children
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