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Yet the Lord will command His loving-kindness in the daytime, and in the night His song shall be with me, a prayer to the God of my life. -Psalms 42:8 Amp

Years of Victory, Celebrating God's Faithfulness

The days turn into weeks, then months, and momentous years for many of the women and children that A Song in the Night ministers to. There are so many moments that change lives, one step at a time!

Spiritual Growth - the Pathway of Hope

Sometimes discipling mothers and children involves meeting with them regularly, either in their homes or a central location, or in Donie's home. Only the Lord knows how many people have come to her gate, looking for food or emergency medical assistance, or dealing with a crisis. Some come by only once, but many continue to connect, receiving love, medical care, counseling, and spiritual support, forever changing the trajectory of their lives.

Spiritual growth occurs a moment, a day, a year at a time. It's an ongoing process that only the Lord can accomplish, in hearts that are open to Him. It involves growing faith, deep healing, and changes in thinking and behavior, in relationship to the One who loves us the most. It occurs in moms, dads, grandparents, and children of all ages, for every one of us. It can take the form of a daily challenge and offers joy that gives us strength through our days. Walking the road to a new life touches so many parts of the human heart and mind, and is a beautiful process to behold. 


In A Song in the Night, we pray together, talk about the Lord, listen, support, and walk with these precious families on their journeys to new life. We depend on the Holy Spirit, working in all of us, to accomplish what He knows is best for each one.


We also encourage church attendance and involvement, as well as supporting kids to attend Sunday School or special children's events, as well as youth retreats. Serving others is a major part of our growing faith which is vital to our community. 


It's a daily adventure that only the Lord can orchestrate, and we are blessed to have a part in bringing His kingdom to earth. 


Spiritual growth can look like many things - love reflected on faces; a hug; the hope of a beautiful rainbow and a safe place to color it in; baptism; and the experience of helping mommy by drying dishes and putting them away where you know you can find them again tomorrow.

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