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The need for finding employment can be challenging in Guatemala, particularly for single parents who often do not have the benefit of even a high school education. Finding a job in a safe place, with transportation that doesn't cost more than what is earned, in hours that work for getting children to school, fed, or safely sleeping at home are other factors. Rather than just handing out goods, we always try to find ways to make a lasting difference for those we minister to.

A Song works with individuals and their strengths and needs. Some need to be nearer to places of employment, which requires a move. Others can work two jobs for a period of time. Still others can work and study on the side, improving the type of employment they can attain. Starting a home business can also improve a family's livelihood, sometimes teaching the next generation the benefits of hard work and entrepreneurship.

Song has provided resources to help start several small businesses - a Tortilleria, and a Laundromat that provide families with income now and in the future. Both of these businesses allow moms to work from home, caring for children while bringing in support for their family. They also improve the local community, offering needed services. (Can't you just taste those yummy, hot, handmade tortillas?!)

Currently, the ministry is providing three full-time jobs and six part-time jobs on our own property. These positions include maintenance, gardening, housekeeping, cooking, minimal social work, tutoring, and simple bookkeeping. These opportunities utilize the strengths and skill sets of various individuals, and continue to create a 'dream team' that works together for the benefit of all. This is the body of Christ operating in the way it's designed, which brings a little bit of heaven to our part of the earth!

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